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Metals, alloys, helicopters, airplanes


1Copter Metal Works Ltd. is an established and respected metal merchant with worldwide contacts. One of the company’s main strengths is customer service.


2Copter Metals deal in  Master Alloys, Pure Ag, Au and AgCuZn solder, Tin Alloy Sn60Pb, Sn50Pb, Sn40Pb, Sn30Pb, Sn Ag Alloys, Primary Base Metals… and many others.


3With property of tangible money comes “Peace of Mind”. They give feeling of comfort knowing that one day man will be able to next generation and will not have to worry about the overall loss of value.


4The fourseater plane with
excellent flight performance, structural tests 8.5G
range over 1200 km. It‘s nice and forgiving small inaccuracies of piloting.

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Free place for rent in hangar

There is a free place in hangar at Boršice near Buchlovice at the moment.

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A nice Portfolio Entry

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